Portfolio of Predicaments 

Where the past informs the future. Or we tell ourselves the stories of our personal achievements.  Should history define the future we aim for?  Parts that sum us up in some way.  Is there meaning in the pattern of those who seek to disrupt patterns often.  I suppose that is for you to decide.  

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In which there was a submission was made to a house of literature that is Pacifica Literary Review. 



In which one finds intmacy through invasive questions at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  

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In which cults were produced and John McAfee joined our immersive theatre at the DEF CON 23. 


Art Project Mangement

In which one goes to Burning Man to Reflect on the impact of Suicide 

Collective State of mind

In which one becomes a Jill of Many Trades supporting interative projects


In which one asks themselves What would Banksy Do?