Monera Mason is a mischief-maker.  Her work includes: starting questionable cults with notorious software gurus, writing abstract fiction, catalyzing shenanigans which she deploys on unsuspecting bystanders in the City of Neon. 

6 Mins in 24 Hours

I was chosen to write in the Inaugural 24 Play Festival! We had 24 hours to write and produce a play. Number of actors, actors, director, name of play, and length of play were all randomly drawn out of buckets. 

My play was called Mommy's Game. This was the version the actors got with all its imperfections due to the time constraint. 
Sister: Well, what did he say we should do

Brother: Hang out here for a while. It’s probably best to stick close by.

Sister: I'm bored.

Brother: Well you know sis this isn’t supposed to be entertaining.  Look I’ll take tonight and you go home and get some sleep.

Sister: That’s not what I mean.  I'm BOOOOOORRRREEEEDDDD.

Brother: Boredom is a state of mind. Minus ten points.

Sister: Minds stated such a bore points don't matter anymore. Plus 8

Brother: I don’t remember the rules.

Sister: Breaking character. Minus 15. Come on what else are we going to do?

Brother: Sleep.

Sister: (She imitates throwing a ball at him) Weep.

Brother: (He pretends to toss it back) Steep

Sister: Deep

Brother: Keep

Sister: Creep

Brother: Peep

Sister: Show (beat) me what you want what you really really want.

Brother: I'm not getting with your friends.

Sister: Oh dear me, whatever will I do. (feigned southern accent)

Brother: You will yield to the power of my kung fu. (He shows off his MMA) Plus 50 for sheer awesome!

Sister: Assemble your armies for we shall go to war. (grabs cards off nightstand)

Thumb war

Sister: 13.4 points for me

Brother: Oh Wendy darling won’t you fly off to Neverland with me

Sister: I promised the dormouse that we would attend to him in oz though the hatter is furious and refuses to sell me tea. Plus five for crossing over

Brother: 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves. Did gyre and gimble in the wabe. 6 for poetry

Sister: Wave your arms up in the air like you just don't care. 3 for song

Brother: But all I do is care dear heart.

Sister: There is not enough care in the world to heal the damage that was done.

Brother: Then we will start a new. Find new lands and seek the dark secrets of the space weasel

Sister:  Enough of that

Brother: So I win. Sleep and victory is mine.

Sister:  Then I call lava! 10 x multiplier

Brother: Have you no decorum at all? This is a hospital room, not a playground.

Sister: Watch out that stone is sinking.

Brother: It doesn't matter because I have a hoverboard.

Sister: Lava melts hoverboards!

Brother: Does not roshambo!

Sister: (Losing the first one) Two out of three.

Brother: Ha hoverboard wins and I fly to the safety of Base!

Sister: Mom’s base dork. She’s protected by a fortress that is impenetrable by hoverboards.

Brother: In hindsight, this was a bad

Sister: (Shoving him) Boink. It is exactly what mom would want us to be doing.

Brother: Being ridiculous while she's fighting for her life.

Sister: Remember the tornado?

Brother: You think I had forgotten? Our pear tree ended up in our living room. Yeah, I remember.

Sister: Well our living room kinda ended up outside really.  You don’t remember her humming the song from wizard of oz as she raced us across the city? Its a twister its a twister she kept shouting out. When we got to the church it was like a funeral like they were waiting to die. Mom had none of it. She rallied all the kids into playing games.  Turned the basement into a ship and had us run from starboard to portside. I was the pirate Kate jewel of the sea.

Brother: I was your first mate. Remember Brian who wanted to be the Admiral of the Royal Navy.

Sister:  I'll be damned if I submit to imperialism whilst in a tornado in Oklahoma, young sir. You will swab the decks!

Brother: He tried to rally a mutiny.

Sister: Not on Mom’s watch he wasn’t.  I wanted to feed him to the crocodiles but Mom said it was too mean even for Brian.

Brother: (breaking) She was magical.

Sister: Is magical

Brother: I don’t want her to

Sister: She won’t.

Brother: It’s bad sis. Like weeks maybe days.

Sister: Not here. (Putting her hand to his chest.) Never here. Here she is young and radiant. Immortal. Smelling like rice crispy treats and cotton candy. As your captain, I demand we press on.

Brother: You have more of her than I do. You always did.

Sister: Only from practicing the art of not growing up. I can show you the ways young padawan.

Brother: Do you know the last thing I said to her?

Sister: No

Brother: I’m not a fucking child, mom. My life isn’t a fairy tale where everything will be fixed with a magic potion and true loves kiss. She doesn’t love me, we are getting divorced. I’m taking the job in New York and I won’t be home for Christmas.

Sister: You didn’t know. How could you know? She hid it from all of us.

Brother:  You know what she said?

Sister: nods no

Brother: You are the truest love I have ever known. As a child, your world was always filled with kisses. Being your mom was all the Christmas and fairy tales a life can ever need.  It will get better. Take the job but keep your heart.

Sister: Should we sit with her?

Brother:  I would like that.


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