Monera Mason is a mischief-maker.  Her work includes: starting questionable cults with notorious software gurus, writing abstract fiction, catalyzing shenanigans which she deploys on unsuspecting bystanders in the City of Neon. 

Battles Personified

He of the old ways has a cape called Blindness, made only from those eyes which were won by plucking. His sour breath was reeking pale yellow bile and iron-tinged.  His brother, the Bone Collector, found the World of Ruins no longer had enemies. That there was nothing left to grind. He made an unholy twin whose left little finger was the claw of the last of the carrion birds, This was how he got the eyes. He took only one for enemies were nothing compared to the hobgoblins of broken men. Vengence was his name. 

Forgiveness, her dark curls alive with wind and bare feet cooled by green earth, stood before him armed only with a pilgrim's staff. She smiled. 

Black eyes ringed with red, crooked smirk, sadistic glee rising. He wanted her amber brown doe-like eye set in the clasp of his large cloak. Maybe a bone for his troubles.

Laughter broke from her; a glissando made kaleidoscope glass across his blackened sky. 

He turned to see the damage.  Eyes of his cape blinking at the refractions of light. Sunlight spilling through the many colors. 

With a soft touch, she tapped her staff to the ground, and it filled the void with song.

Blindness screamed in terror. Eyes closed against this unknown sound. 

Vengence losing ground lunged for her. Fat fingers were grasping her throat. Furry paw with deadly claws slicing in. 

Her world collapsing, colors losing light, song fading to a whispered I love you. 

He smashed her to the ground. His weight upon her determined to crush her out. 

I love you, she whispered again. 

This heart is yours; he spat at her. Angry.

It always was. 

There are more hearts. 

Yes, but this one was always mine.

I had her a good while; Sometimes I look like justice.  

I will win this war, she smiled. 

He touched her eye with his claw ever gently. Laws still govern unholy creatures. 

In the end, your heart will also be mine. You will wonder what all this pain was for. Love was always within your reach. 

Wrapping himself in Blindness he left without another word. 

Peace my prince she called after him. Forgiveness filled this tender heart with healing. 

Hearts Made Sacred

Sunscapes in Impossible Bottles!