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Here are Seven Words for the Unmaking

"It's a shame you left without a word, you know.  She was just beginning to trust you before that. Before you got angry. Before you ran off. Just, like every other man in her life. Lusting after her, full of sweet words, then just walking away. Leaving her alone. Good thing she's used to it by now, isn't it? Otherwise, you might have hurt her. Otherwise, you just might have broken that poor girl's heart."

When a book sucker punches you in the gut it is a stupendous feeling.  Made even more lovely by the fact that this was all said by a future reading tree who lives in such simultaneous time. 

There was so much talk of seven words to make a woman fall in love.  There are entire threads online of Kvothe's seven words to Denna. Such words are bound neatly in dialogue.

The tree speaks these sets of seven words that speak to the danger Denna is in:
She's trembling on the the floor.
Wouldn't leave him even if you asked. 
How can you hope to find her?

Such a spell of undoing are these sets of words:
She was just beginning to trust you
Lusting after her, full of sweet words
Then just walking away. Leaving her alone

So crushed and despondent they leave him. Even fairy magic can't really clean him. 

Look at me doing a reader-response about this part that touched me. It makes me want to go back to the start and see what I have missed. Reading from this point I am catching all of the intricate writing, the sheer talent on the page. As much as he condemns poets in favor of songs, his work is absolutely poetic.  

Seven lines of seven words!

Words to remind me, I love unconditionally!

This book an undoing spell-heal me!
In my mind, it's better than listening

It is I who I love deeply

Love of life the measure of me
I could not take another day pretending

Inspiration a crystal cup filled with song

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