Monera Mason is a mischief-maker.  Her work includes: starting questionable cults with notorious software gurus, writing abstract fiction, catalyzing shenanigans which she deploys on unsuspecting bystanders in the City of Neon. 

Seeing you in Analytics


I see you there
four am reader
Clicking stories
written of you
The spine of things past
Captured moments
How you wish
Your fingers could still

The dark engulfs you
That pause of guilt
keeps you lurking
Silent treatment
 I have seen your fingerprints.
Lumbering Fool
Your weak men. 
Paper thin
alas, no fire. 

How you wish
beat near mine
That way I looked
Locked your eyes
too hollow a word
This the only closeness left. 
Held a moment longer
What would you give 

Contrition takes a subtle touch
A heart that knows how to live
Sobering the soul
The only way to forgive 

You wonder
what I think
It's nothing new
I promise
What I might write
You could have guessed
The truth
is all
And ever was

You are starting to fade.  
deleted weeks ago
When I burned all the things
Tears have eroded
paintings my mind
Tried to capture. 

White Christmas to static
How you knew your fate
Its infinite nature
You would turn back
That screw of time
You don't have it in you
How my magic
Was Mistaken
As your Dominion 

You saved my skull
copper cat
What comfort
would they bring you
My will thwarted
The tossing away
Alters of anguish 

No blue sky
Only grey

I wonder about your case
She knows of lutes and players
She knows of your betrayals
Whispers to the one she's keeping
Notes are sour in his hands
Frustrated fingering false
Such hearts sing no love songs
A breath his mere vapor
Shallow Lungs breathe no resonance. 
Sorrow held for her passenger
bound to such a faithless master
Dusty relic destiny
a paupers curse
for this musician 

You walked out
when the truth
Sharp as dragons blade
High elf in all her character
Piercing veils
you use to shade
couldn't face
The Wreckage
Courage failed you
no seeds planted
Never did you
Master the tending
As Selfish brings no life

Failing at all the listening
A moon of partial names
But no box to keep them 

She knew your secret name
Never choose to use it
It was where your fortune laid
Such treasures now are resting
provincial silver sarcophagus
Handled with the care you showed
Blasted tower and lovers reversed 

Your highs
sunken souls

Her love
to behold.

You knew
Like a child
shattered it
Ruin the only
Brand of magic
Sad arcanist
Lost forever 

Divinity always
with her
That was not yours
To break

Her name still unknown
For winds did not
take your chasing
Though plainly there
Birthright Ignored
Egos need for naming
The one you gave
Was always
A fake

Love, and Truth
One that seeks
The Brave

Sorrow and Truth Exposed

Vegas: Madness, Dreamers, and Electric Magic