Monera Mason is a mischief-maker.  Her work includes: starting questionable cults with notorious software gurus, writing abstract fiction, catalyzing shenanigans which she deploys on unsuspecting bystanders in the City of Neon. 

Requited: Violets Blue and Otherwise

Today I was supposed to be painting a beach scene, one of those maudlin cheesy couple things that seemed to make sense at the time I booked it.  We met on a beach after all. However, I am pretty confident that no amount of paint by my unskilled hand would capture our origin story.  This was to be followed by a restaurant that was described by my dear friend as “last meal worthy.”  Who wouldn't want beet and apple tartar in a cardamom poppy dressing or wood roasted lamb neck with chanterelles and crispy shallots?  Rob Reiner eat your heart out.

Life happens and sometimes love looks a hell of a lot like putting your partner on a plane so he could be there for his dad.  He wouldn’t be the man I love if he wasn’t the kind of guy who had to be there.  He indeed wouldn’t be the man he is today without the positive outlook his dad radiates.  

Today is now cupcakes with my three amazing daughters after a day of empire building with my company.  Probably I’ll hit the singles thing and reconnect with long-standing friends. While I may return to an empty bed, it’s with a heart bursting fullness.  

Ready! Set! Write!

RENT Redux