Monera Mason is a mischief-maker.  Her work includes: starting questionable cults with notorious software gurus, writing abstract fiction, catalyzing shenanigans which she deploys on unsuspecting bystanders in the City of Neon. 

Sotto Voce

My boyfriend loves Mike Pesca from The Gist.  He especially loves “The Spiel” which happens to be the most enthusiastic, wrap up, wordplay, protestant revival preacher, bring on the snakes, portion of the show.  I’m the kind of girl who loves the dulcet but monotone voices of NPR morning news reporters.  I have a deep fondness for Krista Tippett, for On Being, and in my ideal world, all announcers would sound like her.  Her gentle cadence seeking the answers to very big questions.   

I suggested that we relegate The Gist to the drive home instead of the drive to work I was met with much resistance.  What I didn’t know was The Gist was a touchstone for him that got him through some hard times.  That when the pressures of grad school, teaching, and life became complicated was here that he connected to the world.  A commitment to the news day that was fun and cheerful.  The wordplay that tickles his mind.  A bright spot in the howling winds of the Nebraska plains he had sequestered too.  How could I not like what brought him such comfort?

With that, I am listening with new ears and an open mind.  Understanding that all loud screeds on current events aren't cut from the cloth of Limbaugh and Stern.  That Mike Pesca is pretty witty if you look past tone.  I suppose love looks like a hand turning the volume knob up so he can listen to his favorite show.

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